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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lilly the goat joins the Senda Verde project

Lilly a five month old Cabrita joined the project on Friday and is settling in well.

Carmela has taken the role of Goat dog and its great to see her naturally abilities as a working dog shine through. She is also pregnant and due from August 6 to 12th so I hope the Senda Verde family will be expanding again in a few short weeks.

Lilly follows without a rope very easily and its a lot of fun to take a ramble with her.

I will be looking for another Cabrita of a similar age so Lilly has company and in November bring in the services of a Billy goat. Its a 150 day gestation so around April they should kid and 3 or 4 months later once the new kids are weaned, Lilly and her companion should continue to give milk for up to two years, and it should make Senda Verde self sufficient in diary and a cash crop of goats cheese.

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