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Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Permaculture Kitchen Garden Pond and Relax Area

This is a project update page for the kitchen garden pond and relax area.

A series of these project description pages will give multimedia coverage of the process of designing and researching a particular project right through to doing it. Making mistakes and getting it wrong are perfectly fine ways to go about learning.
I hope that these pages might inspire others that are interested in self sufficient off grid living.

You can find all the other ongoing project update pages on the sidebar link list.

Kitchen garden pond with water fall and flow form.

A terraced area with Gazebo and seating.
Research aquatic plants, flood or marsh plants for food or medicinal use.

So far all the fish ive added have died or gone over the edge or perhaps been prayed upon. I have found 1 dead so the whereabouts of the other 29 is a mystery.
Ive raised the rock dam wall a little and I will try another 15 fish next time I go fishing.
These will mainly be Minnows, some Barbel maybe Perca Sol.

I plan to continue clearing the old water canal and if it runs unbroken to beyond the ridge line of the veggie garden then I will be able to irrigate through the slow seepage of the water through the irrigation canal. Alternativly, I can direct a flow from the irrigation canal onto the paths between the raised beds and flood irrigate, perhaps leaving a good quantity of manure on each path that will slowly seep into the beds with each flood irrigation.
Im hoping this natural watering system will be relativly maintenance free and use no plastic pipe or external energy.


  1. I always like kitchen garden and ponds in my backyard. It is environment friendly concept.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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