Senda Verde Permaculture Eco Center

Thursday, 6 May 2010

First photos from Senda Verde Permaculture Ecocentro

With my new camera a new leash of life is promised for the blog.
Im not sure what direction I will take with this but im going to start posting regularly and feel my way into the style and presentation.
Welcome to the next chapter.


  1. Fra it looks just wonderful and Caramela is a very pretty girl ! I love your little blue tractor - a piece of paradise - can we come visit ! C xxxx

  2. Hi Uncel Fraser how r u ur land looks fantabiedose the tractor rules and carmela is very cute joe looks like he is in paradice and so do u pleeeeease can we come to stay in the summer holidays :-) lol

    lots of love edhan

  3. Hi Uncle Fraser the pictures look great - is this what off grid is ? Are you growing some flowers or just vegetables ? Please can we visit you in the summer please ! love from Eilidh xxxx


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