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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The first visit and a new camera

Duncan the first WWOOF er at Senda Verde

I moved onto the farm just over two months ago but Senda Verde recieved its first visitor and willing worker on organic farms (WWOOFer) when my brother Duncan came out for a 5 day visit.

Thanks Dunc for your visit and helping out, some jobs need more than two hands and we got loads done and discussed much.

Everything is growing so quickly you can practically see it..

A small array of 4 x 100 watt panels is more than enough for 12 volt lighting, computers, music and a 12volt deep freeze.

The solar panels are now properly mounted on the roof and with the extra power that the better positioned panels give I hooked up the Steca 12 volt 166 lt chest freezer direct to the batteries. Ive now got all the kit working and power to spare.

The 12 volt lighting that I made up at the green gathering is running direct off the batteries and to light the house Im using 4 spots at 2.5 watts each and 2 arrays of 5 coloured luxeon stars, more for the atmospherics but at 0.5 watts I can afford a little interior lighting style.
Thanks to Dave at LED Fantastic for the knowledge.

Steca PF 166 Solar refrigerator/freezer

With the Steca plugged in and working I can turn off my caravan 3 way fridge freezer thats been running on gas. I will use cool boxes with ice packs from the steca for my refrigeration and the house is cool and dark. One step closer to off grid living.

Rob Fi and Duncan chilling on the beach

We spent a great day on Sunday chilling on the river beach and catching a few tiddlers from the river, followed by BBQ spare ribs and baked potatoes all done in the wood stove. A tricky piece of equipment to master but im slowly getting to know its fobiles and adjusting my life and cooking to suit the equipment.

Building raised beds as I go and experimenting with sheet mulch and river mulch

Big love and thanks to Finn and Woody for the camera as my birthday gift and a hong kong fooey birthday wish to you Woody for Saturday.

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