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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Running on synchronicity, rice and beans.

Rolling the dust from my last tabacco and savouring the last glass of red from the wine box I felt confident that cold turkey would not be too hard.
Back in November I did 3 weeks of off grid, by that I mean no money, no outside inputs.
Christmas came and I was invited graciously back into the busom of consensus normality which I accepted with appetite. January, so far has been a continuation as Ive slowly drained my funds, glug by glug.

I am a creature of habit and if my 42 years has taught me anything its that changing my environment is much easier than changing my habits. A terrible weakness of spirit I know, but im a product of my environment, a mind controlled drone. Connecting the dots of my life, my personal history, have shown me that if I force myself into strange and alien environments they force me out of strange and alien antilife programming without the whailing of spirit, so in a way I relish the challenge. I wish I was a more balanced person that could do it without the environmental extremes. Balance is what I seek but its atypical to my nature and I know I would not be here today, on the ragged edge, if I had ever achieved balance without the extremis of my life.

An expert in solitude develops the ability to hold interesting debates with onself.
Somedays my mind runs riot like Alex Jones on speed, my head propped on a spade handle or saw half way through a tree trunk, the debate arises like the Mondego river in spate.
The Prussian education system oposed the Trivium and Quadrivium; 911, but thats a short one not worth debating. Is the New World Order a physical blood line or an off planet DNA controlled manifestation aka Ickes philosophy?, or both?. Fractional reserve banking, Freeman on the land, propoganda; am I a mind controlled slave?, DNA, quantum physics. Keylontic DNA upgrading.
The white noise reaches a cresendo, then thankfully its outplayed by the waterfall and bird twitter. Breath deep, study nature, draw up some maharic current, protect and appreciate. Start digging.

My conviction to extract my energy from the parisitic status quo system means off grid and no money, with my definition being: permaculture lead self sufficiency. How the future will pan out I dont know, Im not a fortune teller. The system is coming down and with it what most take for granted, thats not conjecture but well documented fact. Visit transition towns or the oil drum web sites and you will get consensual reality and collapse in equal measures. It all seems rather doom and gloom unless you look at the expansion of consciousness which is the road I arrived from.

After a triple heart attack and 10 day coma in 2006, my Near Death Experience (NDE) slowly started to permeate my being at about the same rate as my physical recovery to full health. A full and very powerful kundalini awakening happened in 2008 and repeated connections with the gnostic galactic internet, as I call it, from then till now has opened me up to the limitless possibilities of consciousness and the human condition.

As I fully connect to my dharma; doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way for the right reason, vibrating in positive and loving energy with harmony in nature, in a state of statelessness and moneylessness, Im relying on syncronicity and the gnostic connection, and if thats no good, theres always rice and beans.

If you feel a connection to project Senda Verde and would like to volunteer, contribute, learn or just spend some time on the farm please leave a comment on the blog with your email.

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