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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fertility on the farm.

Itsy came of age today, good luck Itsy

Today the 2nd of March and Itsy the cat came into season.
Ive never had a cat before, always a dog person, but Itsy has taken my heart.
I got her when she was about 5 months old back in May 2009. My friends Helen, Nuno and Eli gifted me a very ferile kitten who Helen named Itsy black beard and had to stuff into a cardboard box wearing big big gardening gloves. I didnt have the courage to do anything but let her out on the mezzanine floor in the barn and rename her Itsy.
3 months past, I fed and watered her daily, occasionally a hiss or a russle of maize stalks was the only sign of Itsy.

Then came the fires in August, Itsy still up in her mezzanine palace rided them through without a care. She was coming to me a little during feeding time, rubbing my hand and purring, but still very skittish. I decided that was enough and one evening I grabbed her and told her straight.
"your part of the community, come and join in"


Whether my words or just "live and let live" demeanor had anything to do with it, Itsy has turned into the most amazing cat I have ever known. She sleeps with me on cold nights, she loves attention, she comes walking in the mornings with the dogs and goat, scrambling high up trees and crying out "look at me"
She is, and has been a brilliant companion for crystal the 7 month old puppy, the two play for hours and have a real bond.

I hope she finds a suitor, shes out most nights hunting mice, tonight it might be a tom cat, good luck Itsy.

Hamish 2 and Morag singing sweet lullabies

With the energy of fertility running round the farm I thought it a good time to introduce the rabbits. Hamish 2, my new male has settled in well and been getting to know the girls, Morag and Heather, through the chicken wire.
This morning during feed time I grabbed the nearest female, Morag, and put her with Hamish in his batchelor pàd, the two have been making sweet music all day practically from the offset and tomorrow I will swap and give Heather her turn.

Carmela and pup of 7 months, Crystal playing

Spring is in the air and Im revelling in the sap thats rising, the animals that are mating and the veggies that are sprouting. Senda Verde cruised through the winter even with low food stocks and little money, it gives me confidence for the future.

Living life post apocalypse but pre apocalypse seems a bit disjointed at times but Im glad to be doing it. History shows that 95 percent of the people are wrong and change happens sporadically and rapidly, not slowly and linearly. Dinousours died with food in their chops, perhaps they were the lucky ones as currently I see the Middle East bedlam being the kick starter to the Peak Oil reality and most city dwellers will be lucky to go the same way.

For now Im happy to be on the fringe, looking at self sufficiency, peace, harmony and nature. If your not doing the same you need to seriously question your survival instincts, walk away from your job and save the world, become independent in food, energy and water to whatever degree you can. Buy food and seeds, take your money out the banks. Wake up to the ship going down.

4 new hens, 2 Frenchies (black) and 2 Spanish

If you would like to volunteer on the farm I would appreciate a few extra hands over the spring. The polytunnel is going up, irrigation systems, raised beds, ponds, animal husbandry, seeding, planting and eco building are all on the agenda. If you have an interest in any of those and would like some hands on experience please drop me an email.

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