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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

An excellent movie, The Church of Global Warming

This excelent movie by James Follett is remarkable in many ways, the most obvious is that it was made before climategate blew the whole AGW charade apart, so his courage in making this needs to be acknowledged. The production and editing are superb and based on this I hope its not the last of his work that we see. Hats off to James, hats off.

Movie trailer for "Church of Global Warming" - a comprehensive review of the science, politics and economics of Global Warming

James Follett
James Follett’s profession is within the Energy Industry and for the past 10 years he has been employed by a Renewable Energy company. His formal role has been as a Business Analyst with expertise in the design, creation and management of business risk models specifically related to Finance, Portfolio and Trading.

He studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and then worked as a Neuroscience researcher at the Free University of Berlin. He has worked in various financial companies in London and now Sydney since 1995 as a financial modeller and IT developer.

High Res version of the film available for download here too.

Some selected reviews of this excelent film from the web site.

SD 12/17/2009 17:47
Great movie, definitely worth watching the whole thing. Gives a blow-by-blow account in a logical manner. Great alternative argument to popular thinking.

Sunday Cruising 11/22/2009 04:42
This was new. Well done. need more of the stuff. u need to updatye to mention the CRU email scandal too. looks like u got it right, like the music too

Rathtyen 11/20/2009 01:38
This is definitely one of the most sophisticated movie/YouTube presentations I have seen. The visual quality is excellent.

I wasn't sure what to expect with the intro (like the music), but it covers a hell of a lot of ground. Must say, I like the way it explains things. Some of these global warming concepts are well understood, and its not easy to find simple explanations. I tend to follow the debate fairly closely, and there are things in here that I found that were new. I especially like the way the graphs are focused: you can actually see what the point is!

The best part for me was Maggie Thatcher. I'd heard that story but never really believed it. Seeing her spelling it out herself it in film is a real gem. How many Global Warmers are going to choke when they see proof-positive that they've been sucked-in by the Iron Lady?

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