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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Frank Aragona interviews mycelium mystro Paul Stamets

An Introduction to Mushroom Mycelium
with Paul Stamets (Part I)

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Mycologist and visionary Paul Stamets joins us for an hour long interview, presented here in two parts, about mushroom mycelium and how we can use mycelium to help heal the damage that humans are causing to the Earth.

In Part I, Paul takes us on a journey through time, explaining the evolution and role of the mycelial mass in Earth’s history; he then tells us of the symbiosis between humans and mushrooms.

Mushrooms and their mycelium are one of the critical and forgotten components in our ecosystems, and Paul is helping us reinvent our thinking about how we can direct and manage this critical component in so many ways. Enjoy, and stay tuned for Part II.

Mycelium Running: Paul Stamets Part II

Click here to listen to part 2 or download the MP3 file

In this second part of a two part series, Paul Stamets tells us how mushrooms can indeed help save the world. From remedies for small pox, to revolutionary biological pesticides, and the remediation of toxic wastes, Paul articulates a vision built on the five pillars of mycorestoration.

As Paul describes it, his newest book, Mycelium Running, will be a gateway for other pioneers, and will lead to many important developments in the future. You can purchase Mycelium running and other books at Fungi Perfecti.
Thanks Paul, for showing us the way.

Thanks to Frank for another excellent couple of shows - check out the archives at the Agroinnovations Podcast

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